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"This works for me!" DH, Lincolnton, NC USA  2013-1-1  "love it!!!!!" NL, Rincon, GA USA 2012-12-1  "gently..."   BB, Godovich Slovenia 2012-12-23   " love the mix of instruments and east indian feel "  CT, Tarragona Spain  2012-12-20  "Marvelicious."  DE, Victoria Canada 2012-12-19   "I love the lyrics and the weirdly mysterious feeling the music gives."  JS, Pittsburgh PA USA  2012-12-17  "I want to see the movie that goes with the soundtrack!"  DE, Victoria Canada 2012-12-14  "so good!" MR, Vitoria Spain  2012-12-12  "tasty! mysterious..." TPC, North Vancouver Canada  2012-12-02  "Nice rhytym, great breathy vocals. DD, Vancouver Canada 2012-11-30  "yeah! MG, Dublin Ireland 2012-11-23  "It's like, bat for lashes meets Ellie Golding--a good meeting"  SL, Shepton Mallet UK 2012-11-22   "Love it."  EH, Saint Louis MO USA 2012-11-19  "Beautifully sexy and arabic!"  MM, Boston MA USA 2012-11-16   "Has a bit of Sia, and Poe in it" KR, Baton Rouge LA USA  2012-11-12  "cool!" SiyH, Lima Peru  2012-11-09 "very nice" KH, Birmingham, UK  2012-11-08  "ooo"  AD, Mexico  2012-11-07  "beautiful voice "  TSS, Colorado USA  2012-11-06  "Great sound. Love ya!" WW Milan, Italy 2012-11-06    "fantastic"  HM Italy  2012-11-04 "Great Vocals and what a drum rhythm!" CH, Dudley UK  2012-10-28  "Great - Any plans to come to California?" DE California, USA 2012-10-26  "sss"  SD, Saint-eustache, Canada 2012-10-25 "very, very nice"  MG, Badhoevedorp, Netherlands  2012-10-25  "groovy" JC, Grand Junction, CO, USA  2012-10-21 "Like the drums:)" EP, Montreal, Canada 2012-10-19  "good percussions stereo effect!"  NV, France  2012-10-18  "very hypnotic"  CR, Italy  2012-10-17  "I love your sound!" WW, Paris France  2012-10-16 "Great sound, soulfull!" MF, Brasilia Brazil  2012-10-15 "great music!!"  RS, Brisbane, Australia 2012-10-13  "Music is absolutely lovely"  DS, Saint Louis MO USA 2012-10-09  "good!"  NU, Japan 2012-10-7 "Wonder Power"  SD, Victoria, Canada 2012-10-3    "Your music immediately captures"  CT, Suffolk, VA, USA  2012-10-2    "Good Sounds!!"  LB, Netherlands  2012-09-29       "beautiful vox:)"  SB, Humboldt Canada  2012-09-27      "beautiful...raw"  LD, Perth, Autralia  2012-09-27      "nice!"  JL, Barcelona Spain  2012-09-27     "soft soulful songstress here, appealing sounds, harmonies"  CW, Hollowell, ME USA 2012-09-26                       "...let's discover this Noemi"  EP, Mirano Italy  2012-09-23      "that's great"  CS, Paris France  2012-09-22    "powerful"  TH, Oshkosh WI, USA  2012-09-17     "It's cool!!!" RM, Dublin, Ireland 2012-09-08       "g!"  AB, Theodore, Alabama 2012-09-01          "!", EC, Gatineau, Canada  2012 -08-25     "Good!", MD, Tokyo, Japan 2012-08-21       "Awesome tunes - deep, subtle, huge subs n rhythms, damn musical - " BF, New York, USA 2012-08-21       "Good Sounds " BS, Santiago, Chile 2012-08-20          "Killer tunes!!! Been listening over & over " BP, Melbourne, Australia 2012-08-20         "cheers.." AG, Quezon City, Phillipines 2012-08-20             "Very striking music " DC, Saskatoon, Canada 2012-08-18           "Good work!" DA, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2012-08-17     "Lovely tracks ! I love it!!" - CT, Sunbury, Australia 2012-08-16       "I feel exquisitely unravelled."  CL, Canada 2012-08-09     "Intriguing, soft voice, rough drums, soothing strings. Unwinding is easy." TLC, Unknown 2012-08-09    "muito bom esse son..." WB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2012-08-08       "trippy! great work." CK, Chennai, India 2012-08-08      "Loving the style! Very alternative! I love it!" EC, Montreal, Canada 2012-07-29     "good voice!" JT, Tunja, Colombia 2012-07-27    "great music :)", SH, Brooklyn, NY, USA 2012-07-18   "Fab Bab" PM, Brighton East, Sussex, United Kingdom 2012-07-17     "Play more!", NN, Alabama, USA 2012-07-15      "great sound :)" APK, United Kingdom 2012-07-15    " x ", x7B, France 2012-07-13     "Strangely awesome!" SCJ, Madison, Alabama, USA 2012-07-13     "Those drums make the subs rattle!" GH, Boulder, Colorado, USA 2012-07-10      "bravo" MC, Roma Italy 2012-06-22     ":), :)" SU, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2012.06.22     "love it" BG007, Melbourne, Australia 2012-06-21     "fabulously wonderful" AD, New Delhi, India 2012-06-20      "great!" EAM, Antwerp, Belgium 2012-06-18     "UNIQUE MUSIC!" AAQ, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 2012-06-18     "Love it!" KG, Charlottesville, VA, USA 2012-06-15   "Let me know if you are coming to play in Austin, TX USA. Thx!" JMcK, TX USA 2012-06-13    "I keep my tuning on you, deerest!" BN, Bxl, Belgium 2012-06-13    "great music I can listen to it all day long" EM, Tanzania 2012-06-11    "cooollllll!!!!" GR, Ramat Gan, Israel 2012-06-10

new review of see, saw: Barcelona online art magazine NAU NUA

“…her music makes us walk along the heaven of senses. Noemi Liba has created a beautiful and full of mystery album...”                     Check out the full story by Juan Carlos Romero in NAU NUA's November 2012 edition via this link!

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