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"Awesome tunes - deep, subtle, huge subs n rhythms, damn musical - " BF, New York, USA 2012-08-21
"Its a good sounds " BS, Santiago, Chile 2012-08-20
"Killer tunes!!! Been listening over & over " BP, Melbourne, Australia 2012-08-20
"cheers.." AG, Quezon City, Phillipines 2012-08-20
"Very striking music " DC, Saskatoon, Canada 2012-08-18
"Good work! " DA, Sao Paulo, Brazil 2012-08-17
"Lovely tracks ! I love it!!" - CT, Sunbury, Australia 2012-08-16
"I feel exquisitely unravelled." ~ CL, Canada 2012-08-09
"Intriguing, soft voice, rough drums, soothing strings. Unwinding is easy." TLC, Unknown 2012-08-09
"muito bom esse son..." WB, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2012-08-08
"trippy! great work." CK, Chennai, India 2012-08-08
"Loving the style! Very alternative! I love it!" EC, Montreal, Canada 2012-07-29
"good voice!" JT, Tunja, Colombia 2012-07-27
"great music :)", SH, Brooklyn, NY, USA 2012-07-18
"Fab Bab" PM, Brighton East, Sussex, United Kingdom 2012-07-17
"Play more!", NN, Alabama, USA 2012-07-15
"great sound :)" APK, United Kingdom 2012-07-15
" x ", x7B, France 2012-07-13
"Strangely awesome!" SCJ, Madison, Alabama, USA 2012-07-13
"Those drums make the subs rattle!" GH, Boulder, Colorado, USA 2012-07-10
"bravo" MC, Roma Italy 2012-06-22
":), :)" SU, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2012.06.22
"love it" BG007, Melbourne, Australia 2012-06-21
"fabulously wonderful" AD, New Delhi, India 2012-06-20
"great!" EAM, Antwerp, Belgium 2012-06-18
"UNIQUE MUSIC!" AAQ, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 2012-06-18
"Love it!" KG, Charlottesville, VA, USA 2012-06-15
"Let me know if you are coming to play in Austin, TX USA. Thx!" JMcK, TX USA 2012-06-13
"I keep my tuning on you, deerest!" BN, Bxl, Belgium 2012-06-13
"great music I can listen to it all day long" EM, Tanzania 2012-06-11
"cooollllll!!!!" GR, Ramat Gan, Israel 2012-06-10
Good Morning From Australia
Hi Everyone. It's sunny and warm today down under and in NYC.
Noemi Files For Divorce
After on 1 day of marriage, and 2 children within that day, Noemi files for divorce; was it a scam all along????? Noemi sheds tears in latest interview.
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