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Vocalist, Producer, Composer, Arranger

Soulful vocal phrasing, soaring live string arrangements, stark medieval horns, intricate eastern percussion, loops and samples ~ Noemi Liba’s music is a beautiful tapestry of daring arrangements, striking beats and poetry. Ornate, yet still raw, this is definitively original and never less than stunning.

A unique artist to the core, Noemi creates her music, tunes, lyrics, samples, electronics, beats and loops and writes the distinctive orchestral arrangements herself.

Freefall, the remarkable debut ep from Australian Noemi Liba, is testimony to an eclectic musical apprenticeship, a life at the edge of the musical frontier.

Her follow-up album, See, Saw, was mixed over six intensive months by three times Grammy winner John Hudson. More an epiphany than a collection of songs, See Saw is a seamlessly woven juxtaposition of an array of musical cultures, from currently cutting edge, right back through to early medieval times, and serves as a spellbinding platform for her mesmerizing live shows.

In a series of her own solo performances, Noemi and her string trio performed a series of ‘Underground’ performances in Melbourne with cutting edge 3-dimensional projection team eness. She then moved to New York where she worked with mentors such as Brad Albetta (producer, Martha Wainright), Mark Helias (Don Cherry, Anita O’Day) and with Allan Zavod (Frank Zappa) and Ayelet Rose Gottlieb (John Zorn, Mycale) on her recording project and performances.

As a vocalist, Noemi has collaborated in performances with world-renowned Biennale visual artist Heri Dono and performed in John Zorn’s Masada Marathon at the Adelaide Festival, 2014 with Mycale.

Wherever she travels and performs, she seeks local players and performers to collaborate on her shows; “It gives me a thrill to tap into the talent and musicianship where I find myself or my work performing. One of my musical goals is to work with different musicians and artists at the top of their game, and to learn and grow myself as a musician from the experience.” 

It is a two way communication, as Noemi is also sought as an arranger and composer for her unique expression, working with the likes of the 22 piece Chicago Classical Oriental Ensemble, an offshoot formed from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to perform Contemporary Middle Eastern music for a five city performance tour that included the Brooklyn Art Museum, the United Nations in Manhattan and the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and with Yair Dalal, an acclaimed Iraqi Israeli Oud player, and violinist. 

Additionally, her compositions have been presented by Berlin’s Sonic Quartett, acclaimed vocalist Frauke Aulbert (Germany), at the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (BIFEM) by the Arogonaut String Quartet in Australia, at the Klangwerkstatt Berlin - Festival für Neue Musik under the Baton of Jobst Liebrecht and at Camino Corrente, a New Music and Art Festival north-east of Venice in Italy. 


Formative Influences, Study

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Noemi has been performing solo and in ensemble since a teenager,  delivering an enthralling, inimitable mix of pop, jazz, Middle Eastern-flavoured music across Australia, the U.S.A, Canada, Asia and the Middle East.

Early in her career, armed with a guitar, a bag of songs, and her beguiling, honeyed voice, Noemi took to the Australian festival circuit (Port Fairy Folk Festival, Adelaide Fringe Festival), garnering popular and critical acclaim as a distinctive and gifted singer-songwriter. She then returned to formal jazz training, completing an Advanced Diploma of Music Performance (Jazz and Contemporary) at NMIT, Melbourne in 2002 and has studied with Yair Dalal, and Frank Zappa pianist Allan Zavod, who has described Noemi as “One of Australia’s true innovative talents”.

Noemi has since studied composition at Monash University, Melbourne with Mary Finsterer (Melbourne), Riccardo Vaglini (Italy), Jobst Liebrecht (Berlin), Stefan Hakenberg (Austria) and David Chisholm (Melbourne) amongst others. 

She counts amongst her many influences vocalists Bjork, Kate Bush and Billy Holiday, punk and new wave bands such as Laurie Anderson, Frank Zappa and The Cure, Early Music of Medieval Europe, trance trail-blazers The Orb, New Music icons György Ligeti, Kaija Saariaho, Salvatore Sciarrino, Horatiu Radalescu and jazz icons such as Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter. Indeed, jazz horn lines undeniably influence the string lines arranged by Noemi on her albums.

In addition to her music pursuits, Noemi, has a degree in philosophy and literature and has published a book of poetry.

Noemi is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Image by Sven Lindahl, New York

“One of Australia’s true innovative talents”
Allan Zavod, pianist, composer,         Frank Zappa Band 


“…her music makes us walk along the heaven of senses. Noemi Liba has created a beautiful and full of mystery album..."                                        Juan Carlos Romero,         NAU NUA  Art Magazine   Barcelona 


“Incredible sound…"                                              Waleed Aly,              Radio National Australia


"Tape Loops, percussion, electronic confusion and, through it all, that voice, that stark declarative jazzy voice. See Saw takes it to the next level...abject beauty"                            Mike Greenblatt,                  Rant n Roll Magazine, New York 


"An artist such as Noemi goes beyond simply making music - she invites you into a sensuous and intimate world, artful, sophisticated, yet meaningful and accessible. She is a talent of rare originality and foresight"                                            Benny Boret,                                 Les Chaises Musicales, France 


"Rich contemporary arrangements...a unique sound of music"                                                                 Greg Muller,                            SBS Radio Australia 


"..a gifted musician...displaying innate sensitivity."                                      Kareem Roustram, Composer, Grammy Awards Arranger, Boston


“extraordinary, spectacular... leaves you wanting more….”
John Carver,                                                PBS Radio Australia


".. quite exceptional. Her music is both sophisticated and accessible..."                                                Zev Eizik,                                 Live venue manager, promoter, Israel 


“Wonderfully crafted songs... "Too Late' and 'Rain' are intricate mini masterpieces.....”
Malcolm Fielding,                           ABC Radio, Australia


"Barak: quite impressive!.."      Jobst Liebrecht, Composer, Conductor,   Berlin 


“Noemi’s blend of soft grooves and spiritual themes are already attracting a strong following…”
Michael Duffy,                                        Adelaide Advertiser, Australia


"Noemi Liba's music is a true gift to any sensitive music lover.”                                    Yair Dalal,                           Musician, Composer Irak, Israel