noemi liba
Phosphorescence 2022

For Viola Quartet. An autobiographical piece about two encounters with ocean bioluminescence: the first at night time, in the shallows of the remote Croajinalong National Park on the southeast corner of Australia; the second, in a night scuba-dive off the coast of Thailand. These were both enchanting, life-altering experiences, one of many I have had during my life time love affair with the ocean.

Performed by Phoebe Green, Suying Aw, William V Murray and Matthew Laing. Composed by Noemi Liba Friedman. Premiered at Hanson Dyer Hall, at the Ian Potter Southbank Centre in Melbourne, Australia on the 4th of May, 2022. Filmed and recorded by David Collins.

I Should Like to Speak 2021

For solo amplified flute. Written for, and premiered by, Paula Rae on the 4th of May, 2022 at the Hanson Dyer Hall, Ian Potter Southbank Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Composed by Noemi Liba Friedman. Filmed and recorded by David Collins.  

The Eleventh Partial 2021

Performed by Carla Blackwood

Recorded at the Ian Potter Southbank Centre in Melbourne, Australia on the 20th of December, 2022 by David Wilkinson in the Prudence Myer Hall at the Ian Potter Centre.

Pluvio Files (1) 2021

An abstract work based on rain drops falling on a window pane, for bassoon sextet and video. The abstraction and manipulation of the footage allows the viewer to observe the natural movement of drops of rain as though atoms, or cells in organised motion, similar to other elements found is nature and similar to the flow of human beings, moving en-masse through our lives.

All Bassoons here were performed by James Aylward and recorded by Dietrich Petzold at tonus arcus studios in Berlin. Composition, images and video by Noemi Liba Friedman.

Pluvio Files (2) 2021

Fixed multi-media with a graphic score for 1-3 instruments, this work celebrates standing in the rain, created from the beautiful contributions of people across the globe, in the 2020 Covid19 lockdowns.

Bassoon performed by James Aylward, Vocal contributors: Sarah Blaby, Maura Capuzzo Sahasrabudhe, Claire Chandler, Jodi Climo Lancelot, Nathaniel Currie, Lisa Dethridge, Tony Fink, Dave Fleuchaus, Eva, Gabriel and Pia Fleuchaus, Kim Sopata Fleuchaus, Noemi Liba Friedman, Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Jaye Billy Bunji Huxley, Angus Jones, Natacha Lacosse, Jessica Larm, Alexandre Le Pape, Jobst Leibrecht, Zoe Manoniam, Caerwen Martin, Plaxy McCulloch, Persia Mohseni, Fernanda Morales, Stine Neerup, Claire O’Boyle, Romy Paltoglou, Mike Portley, Orly Raquel, Stéphane Redey, Sagit Shir, Ron Stone, Ambika Taylor, Kaisu Tonkyra, Riccardo Vaglini, Robbin Valentine, Zec Zechner.
Composition and video by Noemi Liba Friedman.
CardioMyopathy 2019-21

For between 1- 5 live performers and audio-visual fixed media. Performed here by Ingólfur Vilhjalmssonon on Clarinet and James Aylward on Bassoon at Unerhörte Musik in Berlin and live streamed on the 5th Jan, 2022. This work takes the listener on a woman's journey after diagnosis with CardioMyopathy. The subject, Vanessa Steinberg, is also the model photographed by Nicola Bell and also animated in the visual component. Concept, music, animation and video by Noemi Liba Friedman. 

Threshold 2021

Performance May 5, 2021 at The Old Quad, Melbourne University, Parkville Campus, Australia. A surround--sound, location specific live performance commissioned by The Grainger Museum and The Federation Handbells (Museum of Victoria) to mark the closing of the Multivocal Exhibition at The Old Quad.

Composed by Noemi Liba Friedman, Conducted by Brent Miller,  Vocal Soloists: Servanez Monfaredi, Gelareh Pour, Percussion Soloists: Peter Neville, Kaylie Melville, Bridget Molly Bourne Special Guest Percussionists: Greg Sully, Amanda Goldsworthy, Allison Summers The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Percussion Ensemble, Federation Handbells Percussion Chorus, Film: Josh Waddell, Izzi Harris, Michael McArthur Sound: David Collins

Poem by Sèrèshkè Niāz by Iranian Poet Hushang Ebtehaj (1928- ) Rasht-Iran, sung by Gelareh Pour in Vocal solo

Arrhythmia 2019 

For percussion quartet, in two movements, premiered by Sõ Percussion on July 26, 2019 in the Lee Music Room, Lewis Arts Complex at Princeton University, New Jersey.

Arrhythmia, So Percussion Quartet
'Barak' (tr. Lightning) 2018

This work was given a world premiere at the Bethanian in Kreuzberg, Berlin on the 10th of November, 2018 as part of the Klangwerkstatt Berlin - Festival für Neue Musik. Conducted by Jobst Liebrecht and performed by the Landesjugendensemble Neue Musik. Please note that the sound on the video only comes in 16 seconds after the start

Barak (tr. Lightening)
'To the Tunnel' 2017

'To the Tunnel' was given a world premiere at the 2017 Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music (BIFEM) in Victoria, Australia, performed The Argonaut String Quartet. Violins: Natasha Conrau and Graeme Jennings Viola: Elizabeth Welsh, Cello: Judith Hamman

'Breslin' 2016

This piece was produced enitrely using samples sourced from a single interview and dialysis session  with artist Anthony Breslin, recorded on an iPhone. The samples were accentuated and manipulated  using various sound and design software and organised to reflect one of the topics on which Breslin reflected that afternoon. This is the second of a series of works being produced from this single session.

Paintings are used with permission of artist Anthony Breslin. The first image is detail from 'Frog Psychedelika', paint and mixed media on canvas. The second image is of 'Warrior Man', ink, pencil, enamel on paper.


Cardiac 2016

Performed by the Sonic Art Quartett, a saxophone quartet based in Berlin, Germany. This performance was part of their tour in Australia, performed at Monash University in September 2016