Experience sonic innovation as Displaced Bodies unites two of Melbourne’s cutting-edge ensembles. Ossicle Duo, an award-winning trombone-percussion ensemble, pushes boundaries with their technically refined and high-energy exploratory art music. Rubiks Collective, a dynamic ensemble of Australia’s most versatile young performers, take audiences on a sonic journey through their ‘incredibly personal, strangely spiritual and ultimately deeply touching’ performances. Together, they fearlessly explore the boundaries of sound in the highly anticipated world premiere of Jakob Bragg’s acclaimed composition, ‘Displaced Bodies, Weapons of Action,’ a recipient of the prestigious Melbourne Recital Centre & Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Composition Award. Journey into unknown sonic territory with Richard Barrett’s mesmerising opus, ‘EARTH,’ a gritty and ritualistic masterpiece. Experience Annie Hsieh’s ‘Quietude’ as it emerges into a delicate and textural composition performed entirely on wine glasses by two percussionists. Immerse yourself in the haunting echoes of Noemi Liba’s ‘CardioMyopathy,’ a powerful work that delves into the depths of the human condition. Witness projections, chamber music, and unconventional instruments transform the Primrose Potter Salon into a kaleidoscope of sonic innovation.